Vehicle / Train Control & Communications

    Vehicle / Train Control & Communications

    The Vehicle/Train Control & Communications System Interface Committee (V/TC&C SIC) was established to provide the focus for vehicle/train control systems, telecommunications and signalling issues on behalf of the industry. This includes supporting and informing the industry’s Rail Technical Strategy, including the long-term strategy for the interfaces and promoting and maintaining the Future Control Command and Signalling (F-CCS) Industry Vision and Policy.


     The scope of the V/TC&C SIC is defined in its remit and includes:

    • Maintaining performance and availability of currently deployed systems and investigating the potential for new systems. 
    • Adding value to existing assets by ensuring that at the interface the most cost-effective solution is sought, compatible with balancing the needs of safety and performance.
    • Utilising research to investigate new technology as well as improving the interface.
    • Delivering strategic research programmes to the Technical Strategy Leadership Group.
    • Proposing new, and changes to, Railway Group Standards and Guidance Notes.
    • Sustaining the life of current systems and carrying out research to support future developments.

    F-CCS Industry Vision and Policy

    Created in partnership with the industry by the F-CCS Guiding Body, and endorsed by the Technical Leadership Group, the F-CCS Industry Vision and Policy  establishes an industry vision for future train control systems. It provides a vision, and associated policies and guidance, for each of five overarching objectives for future train control: Sustainability; Capacity; Performance; Safety and Security; International Marketability and Supply Chain Continuity. It is intended to serve as a continual reminder of what each stakeholder should deliver in order to fulfil its obligations and validate the direction of travel of the industry.

    V/TC&C SIC are providing sponsorship and ownership of the F-CCS Industry Vision and Policy, assuming responsibility for:

    • Communicating, and encouraging adoption of, the document.
    • Providing practical advice and assistance to stakeholders in implementing the document.
    • Maintaining and ensuring cross industry access to the document.

    For any questions, requests for advice, or suggestions related to document maintenance, please contact the Industry Groups Manager via the customer portal.

    Message from the chair

    V/TC&C SIC provides expertise and strategic knowledge of train control systems, signalling, telecommunications, operations and rolling stock.  We develop and deliver control, command and communications solutions that provide the best overall systems to serve the needs and expectations of our Customers.


    The V/TC&C SIC has members representing these industry stakeholders:

    • passenger train operators
    • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
    • freight and other non-passenger train operators
    • infrastructure managers and owners
    • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
    • RSSB
    • Department for Transport
    • Office of Rail and Road
    Chair of committee: Clive Burrows , First Rail Holdings Limited
    RSSB main representative: Stuart McFarland , RSSB
    Other Members
    Other members
    Marcus Askell
    Rail Delivery Group
    Passenger Train Operating Company
    Andy Stringer
    Siemens Mobility Limited (MRX)
    Jeremy Morling
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Maya Petkova
    Rail For London (Infrastructure) Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Nadia Hoodbhoy
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    John Preston
    University of Southampton
    Simon Cressey
    DB Cargo (UK) Limited
    Non Passenger Train Operator
    Dave Palmer
    Department For Transport
    Darren Jowett
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Digital Railway Programme
    Taku Fujiyama
    University College London
    Luisa Moisio
    Chloe Sadler
    Andrew Simmons
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Digital Railway Programme
    Lei Chen
    University of Birmingham
    Paul Gray
    Stephen Williams
    Office of Rail and Road
    Office of Rail and Road
    Clive Roberts
    University of Birmingham
    Roisin Mulvany
    Stuart McFarland
    Jennifer Gladding
    Porterbrook Leasing Company Limited
    Rolling Stock Owner
    David Choda
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Clive Burrows
    First Rail Holdings Limited
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    Contact our Industry Groups Manager for questions about the next meeting or about vacancies within this group.
    Roisin Mulvaney 2
    Roisin Mulvany
    Tel: 020 3142 5579
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