Train Protection Strategy Group

    Train Protection Strategy Group


    The scope of the Train Protection Strategy Group (TPSG) is described in its remit. The purpose of the TPSG is to:

    • Monitor the Train Protection  Strategy, investigating the risks, mitigation and options available
    • Review the TPWS system and other train protection systems as information about the implementation of ERTMS becomes available
    • Obtain agreement with the various key stakeholders before presenting the strategy, or any findings, to the V/TC&C SIC
    • Undertake research on behalf of V/TC&C SIC, if required in the process of the delivery of the remit.

    Message from the chair

    TPSG is conducting a fundamental review of the existing Train Protection systems on the UK mainline railway.  It hopes to identify economically viable options that will manage obsolescence and further improve the safety of the network.  TPSG also monitors the performance of Train Protection systems and proposes solutions to local and short-term needs.

    Below is the Train Protection Digest - June 2020 which gives an overview of the different train protection systems in operation on the GB railway. It is aimed at people new to the rail industry or to those who want to find out more about train protection systems on the rail network.


      The TPSG has members representing these industry stakeholders:

      • passenger train operators
      • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
      • freight and other non-passenger train operators
      • infrastructure managers and owners
      • RSSB.
      Chair of committee: Andrew Simmons , Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      RSSB main representative: Chris Harrison , RSSB
      Other Members
      Other members
      Andrew Simmons
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Digital Railway Programme
      Chris Harrison
      Nick Wright
      First Rail Holdings Limited
      Other Chair
      Jeremy Morling
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Simon Jarrett
      The Chiltern Railway Company Ltd
      Train Operating Company
      Nick Swift
      Eversholt Rail Limited
      Rolling Stock Owner
      Philippa Murphy
      Justin Willett
      Govia Thameslink Railway
      Passenger Train Operating Company
      Ian Maxwell
      Office of Rail and Road
      Office of Rail and Road
      Keith Fox
      Nicola Pegg
      Paul Lemon
      GB Railfreight Limited
      Non Passenger Train Operator
      Richard Barrow
      Phil Barrett
      Rail Delivery Group
      Passenger Train Operating Company
      John Edgley
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Do you need to get in touch with this group?
      Contact our Industry Groups Manager for questions about the next meeting or about vacancies within this group.
      nicola pegg
      Nicola Pegg
      Tel: 020 3142 5512
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