Helping innovators get more familiar with rolling stock

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Rail experts have warned that innovations designed to improve rail transport could be doomed to fail because of a lack of understanding of what trains are really like.

A new, brief guidance document has been produced by rail industry body RSSB, aimed at helping designers and innovators who are unfamiliar with rolling stock to get a better understanding.

According to RSSB, too many new products have to go back to the drawing board because they’re not compatible with the trains they’re designed for. For example, false assumptions can be made about the amount of space and power available, or the requirements for certain conditions on-board such as air quality.

Now the rail industry itself has contributed to the new RSSB guidance which is hoped will ease the process of making welcome improvements and modifications to rolling stock a reality.

RSSB’s Lead Train Systems Engineer, Sam Newcombe-Malins said: “New gizmos and applications can improve trains, but innovators need to stay alert to the idiosyncrasies of the rolling stock environment to increase their chances of modifications working when installed. We hope this guide will help those less familiar with rail to become more knowledgeable and generate more successful innovation on the railway.”

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