Siemens gains first UK RISAS certification

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Siemens has received its first UK RISAS certification for running gear and traction equipment for its facility in Lincoln.

​The certificate, granted following an inspection in August 2018, covers M01 wheelset, bogie and suspension components.

RISAS is the GB railway’s cross-industry assurance scheme for suppliers of critical products and services for the overhaul of rolling stock. Run by RSSB for and on behalf of the industry, and approved by the ORR, RISAS delivers significant economies of scale by reducing duplication of auditing and assessment. The scheme provides both safety and business benefits to businesses like Siemens through its single rigorous assessment which examines not just processes but also shop floor attitudes.

Nicola Phillips, Siemens Supply Chain Director, said: “Siemens are extremely pleased to have attained RISAS certification for our Bogie Service Centre in Lincoln. The first job for the team will be to commence servicing of the Eurostar bogie from this facility, followed by the Desiro City fleets.”

Andy Tandy, RSSB RISAS Scheme Manager, said: “We are delighted that Siemens, as a major player in the market, now have a RISAS-certified UK site.

“There are many other suppliers of critical products and services for the overhaul of rolling stock who could benefit from the economies RISAS creates and the process of a rigorous assessment and if you believe your organisation falls into that category please get in touch for a discussion.”

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