Teenagers urged to stay off the tracks in new campaign

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Parents and young people are being encouraged to share a new hard-hitting film on social media, and recognise the devastating consequences for them and their loved ones when they take risks on the railway.

The rail industry and British Transport Police have launched a new campaign - called ‘You vs. Train’, which targets teenagers with a high-impact one-minute film, telling the story of Tom Hubbard, a young boy who suffered life-changing injuries when he was electrocuted by overhead power cables.

Data from rail safety body RSSB alongside research by Network Rail and British Transport Police shows that the number of people stepping on the track, and risking being seriously injured or killed, has gone up by 80% in the last 5 years. Some risk making dangerous assumptions, with 15% thinking it’s safe to walk on the railway if you check a timetable first, and 17% believing it’s safe to retrieve an item like a phone or a football from the railway as long as you leave straightaway.

In addition to You vs Train, the rail industry is embarking on a new improvement programme looking at better coordination of initiatives, innovation and technology to reduce the risk. 

RSSB’s Chief Operating Officer, Johnny Schute said:

You can’t fail to be moved by Tom’s story and I hope young people, their friends and families feel the same and share the film to help spread the word. Travelling by train as a passenger is very safe – but stepping on to the track is incredibly dangerous at any time of day or night. You can’t outrun a train travelling up to 125mph even if you see it coming, and you can’t take on 750 volts in the electrified rail, or 25,000 volts in the overhead cables. Stay safe, and stay off the tracks.

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