Trespass kills: the ORR perspective

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This podcast looks at the ORR's expectation of trespass prevention measures.

In this third podcast about trespass, I talk with with David Whitmarsh, acting Principal Inspector of Railways for Scotland, about the ORR's expectations of the industry when it comes to trespass prevention.

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Topics in this episode include:

  • David Whitmarsh, introductory biography [1:10]
  • David explains why the ORR might prosecute a railway undertaking, rather than the trespasser [1:55]
  • … and describes when BTP would prosecute the trespasser [3:06]
  • David explains how the amounts of fines are decided by the courts [3:48]
  • David explains what constitutes 'good and sufficient fences', and the current regulations that determine what good and sufficient looks like today [5:10]
  • David gives his view of the new good practice guide on trespass risk assessment and a primary weakness of companies in its application [7:20]
  • The role of the new guidance as a means to help improve industry efforts to assess, manage and mitigate trespass risk, including working with other parties, not all of whom are part of the rail industry [9:13]
  • Close [10:05]

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