RSSB Website Restructure

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You will have already noticed the improvements made to our website including the menu and some additional new sections. We have received positive feedback and are now working on further improvements that were identified through consultation with our members.

As a part of our 2020-21 business plan we made a commitment to improve navigation on our website content. This was endorsed by members and is due to be completed by the end of this financial year.

This work is being carried out:

  • to fulfil RSSB 2020-21 business plan commitments set based on member feedback
  • based on user testing, member feedback, internal feedback and research
  • to make content more accessible through the menu
  • to make content more findable by search engines

The restructuring is complicated, but important work. We are striving to minimise disruptions, but most URLs will change – it is the nature of the beast. We will ensure key pages, and landing pages are accessible by applying redirects where necessary.

How we can help you:

  • If you have pages bookmarked please check/refresh the links
  • If you find any broken links, please contact us via

Finally, please note that search engines may still have the old URLs until they ‘recrawl’ our site.

Member feedback is important to us, and this is the reason we are doing this work.

If you need any support or have specific questions, please get in touch via

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