These ‘plug and play’ resources have been developed by the Healthy Cultures Group. They form the foundations of the Healthy Cultures Framework which provides organisations with a roadmap to manage employee wellbeing and guidance to establish a health and wellbeing strategy. 

Each resource has a guide for use and a printable template available at the bottom of this page.

  1. Wellbeing Journeys

This provides employees with a platform to share their stories about living with or overcoming ill-health. It includes:

  1. Wellbeing Moments

The Wellbeing Moment resources provide tips on how to change a habit and encourages people to commit to change together, it includes:

  1. How Am I? Self-Check

These are health self-assessment resources focussing on aspects of lifestyle. They use the ‘Self-Check Wheel’ to focus on energy, sleep, movement, nourishment and relaxation status.