These ‘plug and play’ resources have been developed by the Healthy Cultures Group. They form the foundations of the Healthy Cultures Framework which provides organisations with a roadmap to manage employee wellbeing and guidance to establish a health and wellbeing strategy. 

Each resource has a guide for use and a printable template available at the bottom of this page.

  1. Wellbeing Journeys

This provides employees with a platform to share their stories about living with or overcoming ill-health. It includes:

  • Wellbeing Journeys Guide
  • Wellbeing Journeys Support Resources
  • Linda Cray - Wellbeing Journeys - Menopause video. In this short video Linda describes her journey through menopause and how she has come out the other side. She also discusses the benefits of a setting up a support group for women going through the menopause within Network Rail.
  • Paul Bundy - GTR - wellbeing journeys - Living with Diabetes video. In this inspiring video Paul brings us through his journey from being diagnosed with diabetes to now and how he got there both with support from GTR and from changing his lifestyle for the better.
  1. Wellbeing Moments

The Wellbeing Moment resources provide tips on how to change a habit and encourages people to commit to change together, it includes:

  1. How Am I? Self-Check

These are health self-assessment resources focussing on aspects of lifestyle. They use the ‘Self-Check Wheel’ to focus on energy, sleep, movement, nourishment and relaxation status.