At RSSB, all our work is underpinned by the need to support our members in taking a holistic approach to employee health and wellbeing. Our rail specific Health Behaviour Change programme will embed sustainable healthy behaviours across all levels of industry. It encourages proactive and preventative approaches to employee health and wellbeing. We will support industry collaboration and knowledge sharing, and promote the use of human behaviour change techniques.

Health and wellbeing

Our occupational health platform will protect and promote employee health, safety and wellbeing within individual companies. The platform includes a range of guidance, tools, decision aids and risk matrices. They will enable companies to protect against work-related health hazards, and demonstrate high quality clinical care and outcomes for employees.

We will work with our members to better understand and reduce the risks related to fatigue. The aim, to increase industry’s awareness, knowledge and capabilities for fatigue risk management. We will help members to apply our fatigue management resources and research findings.

We will analyse the business risks relating to health and wellbeing. To help our members improve the management of these risks and risk controls. This will be supported and informed by a programme of activities to help identify, evaluate and gradually improve risk management in key areas, as well as our work to investigate practice internationally and across other industries.

We will build the industry’s data collection and analysis capability. We will support our members to make better informed health and wellbeing investment decisions, that best advance health and wellbeing management. Where cross-industry data is available, we will deep dive into key risk areas, so we can evolve industry’s understanding of these risks. This will mean we can evaluate the performance of key health and wellbeing initiatives for our members. We will understand the return on investment, and the overall contribution to delivery of the Health and Wellbeing Roadmap.

We will assess how health is impacted by all areas of design including job design. Our work will consider how we can prevent poor design and avoid the related costs. This will, in turn, reduce absence rates and costs to individual businesses. Our Health by Design web pages will also provide tools and support to reduce musculoskeletal disorders related issues and foster a community of partners working to address issues brought about by poor design.

The nature of safety critical roles, long hours, shift patterns, and challenging conditions, as well as risk of exposure to traumatic stimuli, can make maintaining our mental wellbeing difficult. RSSB’s bespoke knowledge, support and events mean that our members can share ideas and experiences and implement changes for the better.

We will also offer bespoke support to individual companies who want additional help with health and wellbeing management. We will invest this income back into our core offer for the industry.

CP6 plan

To find out more about any of the issued discussed, download our full CP6 Strategic Business Plan, or the extract that just covers our Healthier Rail activities or watch the video below.