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Railway Group Standards Code
Standards Manual
An Industry Strategy for Standards 2016 - 2019
Operational Concept for ERTMS
Operational Concept for the GB Mainline Railway
Strategic Direction for Control Command and Signalling (CCS) TSI
Strategic Direction for Safety in Railway Tunnels TSI
Strategic Direction for the PRM TSI
Strategic Direction for the Noise TSI
Strategic Direction for Revised Locomotive and Passenger Rolling Stock (LOC&PAS) TSI
Strategic Direction for the Combined High Speed and Conventional Energy TSI
Strategic Direction for Revised Infrastructure (INF) TSI
Strategic Direction for the OPE TSI annexes
GB Strategic Direction for the Conventional Rail Freight Wagon TSI
GSM-R Radio - Guidance on GSM-R Cell Planning Consultation
Approved Code of Practice: Operational Planning and Implementation of Timetable Change
Management of Rail Vehicle Engineering Change
ATOC Approved Code of Practice - Incident Response Duties of Primary Support Operators
ATOC Approved Code of Practice - Joint Industry Provision of Humanitarian Assistance Following a Major Passenger Rail Incident
Approved Code of Practice - Approvals Process for GSM-R Cab Mobile Fitment
Approved Code of Practice - Supplier Accreditation Scheme
Approved Code of Practice - The Elements of Management of Safety Critical Components on Trains
ATOC Good Practice Guide - Controller Recruitment, Training and Competence
ATOC Good Practice Guide - Management of Sub-Standard Performance by Train Drivers
ATOC Good Practice Guide - Control of Smoking
ATOC Train Operators Safety Group Good Practice Guide - De-icing Agents for On Station Use
Safe Use of Station Vehicles
Access to the Driving Cabs of a Train Operator's Trains by the Staff of Another Train Operator for the Purposes of Route Learning or Route Refreshing
ATOC Good Practice Guide - Control Centres: Business Process Manual
Logging and Loggists
Provision of Drinking Water for On-Train Use
Risks & Opportunities from ROCs and TM
Security Briefings by the BTP
Station Incident Response Planning
Information Sharing Protocol with the BTP
Developing Train Driving Policies Aligned with Non-Technical Skills
Investigation of Station Stopping Incidents
The Training of On-Train Staff in On-Train Emergency Procedures
Developing Incident Care Team Capabilities
Responding to Vulnerable Persons
Guidance Note - ETCS Cab Human Factors Design Guidance
Prosecution Policy
ATOC Guidance Note - Winter Arrangements for Stations
ATOC Guidance Note - Planning for Special Events
Guidance Note - Management of Rolling Stock Maintenance Records
ATOC Guidance Note - Emergency Planning - Knowledge, Understanding and Responsibilities
ATOC Guidance Note - Extreme Weather Arrangements including Failure or Non-Availability of On-Train Environment Control Systems
ATOC Guidance Note - Selection and Management of Contractors
ATOC Guidance Note - Post Incident Management of Personal Property
ATOC Guidance Note - Major incidents - Preparation of Aide-Memoires for Senior Managers

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