Stand Back from the Platform Edge

As passenger numbers increase the rail industry must continue to work hard to ensure passengers stay clear of the platform edge and safe from passing trains. Our research examines the range of options for managing these risks.

Our investigation into car stop markers, platform markings such as yellow lines, audible announcements, and wayfinding information showed how the design and position of platform-based signs and markings can be optimised.  It also looked at how audible announcements can be used to influence passenger behaviour.  This information has resulted in revisions to industry rules and standards on station duties and train dispatch, and we are continuing to review the industry approach to stop car marks to support more consistency.  

We have developed guidance on how competing operational requirements can influence the design and positioning of platform markings at the platform edge and impact user compliance, and published 2 industry default positions for the yellow line and tactile which take into account the need to manage aerodynamic risk.  We have also published research on the factors that can affect the unplanned movement of wheelchairs and pushchairs on station platforms, identified the 7 primary and 20 underlying causes of these movements and produced guidance on what duty holders can to in order to manage these.

Topics Covered:

  • Car stop markers
  • Yellow lines
  • Announcements
  • Wayfinding
  • Influencing passenger behaviour
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