Issue 10 | February 2024

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The past couple of years have been financially challenging for rail. Hannah Kingsley, RSSB board member and Chief Finance Officer, explains why financial challenges need ‘collaboration and innovation'. She encourages us to stay positive, reminding us that it is, ‘during challenging times that really meaningful change can happen’. 

New initiatives will drive the change we need, bring cost savings and improve safety. With this in mind, we look at the updates to rolling stock design requirements, and we unpack the Freight Safe Programme.

This month's supplement ‘Horizon explores’ focuses on railway standards. To help you get the most from standards, we look at resources for achieving operational best practice. We also look at how standards for station design are being improved, and will help embed accessibility and sustainability.

In other features, we provide an update on the progress with the National CCS DRACAS, and share tips on minimising trap and drag incidents. We summarise research on ETCS to simplify drivers’ route knowledge requirements and show how key industry challenges can be unpacked by data led storytelling.

Additionally we provide an overview of the work of the Asset Integrity Group, and welcome Chris Knowles to his new role as our new Director of Systems Safety and Health.