RSSB. Exporting rail safety insight to the world.

Working with the GB rail industry for over 20 years has given us a wealth of insight into rail. There are three different ways you can tap into it:

  1. Engage our consultancy services: to work with our experts on a project-by-project basis. Use their hands-on, cutting-edge experience to answer technical questions that could be critical to your future.
  2. Sign up for expert training programmes: RSSB courses are tailored to the specific needs of rail organisations. They’re created and delivered by some of the world’s leading rail experts. Most of our courses have been adapted for remote delivery, offering global access and flexibility. 
  3. Become an affiliate: to give your organisation ongoing use of our resources. Affiliation gives you full access to RSSB’s research, insights, tools and IP, as well as discounted rates for our Training and Consultancy services.