What is the Rule Book app?

The RSSB rule book contains sets of clear instructions which rail staff must follow in certain safety critical scenarios in railway operation.

If you or your teams work on the track, on trains, on platforms, on railway work sites and possessions; or if you're a train driver, shunter or signaller, you'll use the Rule Book. Now there's an app that gives you access to the Rule Book 24/7, making it easier to consult on-the-go. We have produced a set of short videos demonstrating how the app can be used below.

For individuals

If your organisation has signed up to the rule book app you can get 24/7 access through your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop by downloading and logging into the RSSB rule book app. It’s easy to use, search, personalise and update. And you can acknowledge amendments with one touch.

For decision-makers

If you are a decision maker in an organisation, you can get more information about the app here.

Accessing the app

Only organisations that have signed up to use the app are granted access. So, while you can download the app, if your organisation hasn’t signed up, you won’t be able to login and use it. If your organisation is interested in the rule book app please contact Rachel Leech.

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How to use the Rule Book app

Below are useful videos showing you how to use the app.

How to sign in

How to set up the app

How to access the tutorial

How to add manuals

How to receive amendments

How administrators can use analytics in the Rule Book App

These videos should make it easy for you to use the app, but if you need more information you can contact us through our Customer Self-Service Portal.

Arranging access to the Rule Book App is easy. If your organisation does not have access to the rule book app, we have prepared a set of steps that covers the process.


Rail staff can:

  • access the Rule Book on their phones or tablets, even when offline
  • search and navigate the whole Rule Book quickly and intuitively
  • personalise their Rule Book, selecting only the parts that they need
  • bookmark bits of the Rule Book as “favourites”
  • add personal notes to capture their own thoughts
  • Check what modules your staff have downloaded and viewed
  • be notified of future amendments via the app, giving them immediate access and allowing them to acknowledge the updates.

Rail companies can:

  • save money and paper
  • maintain Rule Book access centrally using the admin control
  • check who has acknowledged updates
  • improve their briefing process.

Do you still have questions?

Visit our FAQ page for all the answers.


If you're the lead decision maker in this area or have a say in the way your teams use the Rule Book, and you're interested in adopting the RSSB Rule Book app, please get in touch with Rachel Leech at RSSB via the Customer Self-Service Portal. Please note the minimum order per company is 10 licences, as this covers our administration activity.

If you’re not the lead decision maker, but think that the app could benefit you and others like you in your company, talk to your line manager or other colleagues involved in deciding how you get the Rule Book.