"The Next Station has Short Platforms"

Platforms shorter than the length of calling trains can cause confusion among passengers. This can lead to risks from passengers hurrying, activating alarms or even forcing doors open.

​​Industry has responded to this challenge by procuring fleets of new trains which have selective door opening.  Manual selective door opening systems can be susceptible to human error, but our research has identified the ways that consistent processes and practices, and the introduction of technology, can reduce these risks.  RFID (radio frequency identification) trials, for example, have demonstrated the accuracy and reliability of this technology for improving selective door opening systems.

A number of fleets already have working semi-automatic systems that use various technologies.  Some of these could be upgraded to fully automatic systems if train stopping positions are defined. Platform technology will need to be introduced that defines when a train is at a stopping position.


Topics covered:

  • Platform lengths
  • Selective door opening systems
  • RFID
  • Stopping distances
  • Platform technology
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