Adhesion Digital Solution

A consortium of 3Squared and Met Office have launched a new product to aid the identification and communication of low adhesion areas along routes.

Development of the Adhesion Digital Solution (ADS) was funded through RSSB’s TOC 17 competition to identify innovative projects that will improve operational performance.

ADS will compliment a number of solutions for tackling low adhesion that exist today. The system collects ‘crowd sourced’ driver reported data and combines it with data from the Met Office Low Adhesion model. Together these data sets give operators detailed up to the minute route relevant adhesion forecasts in the cab, and through an Operators portal. The core benefit comes from providing drivers with detailed information on the likely adhesion conditions they will experience along a route, in real-time. Allowing them to amend and optimise their driving style to ensure safe control and minimise impact on performance.

The whole industry works hard to manage low adhesion. ADS will provide operators and drivers with detailed route adhesion insight to help them make more informed decisions on train regulation that will ultimately reduce the likelihood of incidents and help reduce risk.” James Fox, 3Squared’s Commercial Director. 

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