Optimising competence management to address SPAD risk

As train drivers play a critical role in avoiding SPADs, it’s vital for their skills and knowledge to be supported by an effective approach to competence management. However, recent research has highlighted competence management shortcomings in one-quarter of SPAD incidents (RSSB T1128). Therefore, going forward it pays to know what the underlying issues are and what improvements can help.

Before getting into the detail it’s worth highlighting a page on Integrating Non-Technical Skills (NTS) in Competence Management Systems (CMS). The page introduces NTS, describes how NTS deficiencies can lead to poor safety performance and how NTS can be integrated throughout the CMS for maximum benefit and sustained change. The page also has a link to NTS guidance which cites research that shows integrating NTS in this way can lead to a reduction in SPADs in the order of 6 – 30% so it’s worth taking a look.

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