A new tool to help highlight training needs
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We have developed a new Excel-based toolkit to help organisations do risk-based analyses of their training needs.

The risk based training needs analysis (RBTNA) toolkit can help you identify how risks associated with tasks can be managed through learning, assessment and competence management activities, while aligning with both learner and business needs.

For example, for safety critical operational roles such as a train driver or a signaller, breaking down these roles into tasks and mapping the necessary non-technical skills will inform where the risk lies, and where training needs to be prioritised.  The analysis can be used in the design and implementation of training, focussing on essential areas and minimising irrelevant material. 

This means training is more effective and beneficial, supporting the development of competence management systems.

The toolkit is available as a download free of charge to RSSB members, or for a one-off fee to non-members. 

Look at our website to find out more and download the tool.  For further information, please contact us via the

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