Arriva are first off the line with their TOC’15 projects
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Arriva's Transformational Disruption Management prototype, will be developed as part of the RSSB's TOC'15 programme. The development stage will be complete by April; with the final tool available from January 2017.

The Transformational Disruption Management project aims to develop a simulation tool that can be used to train and equip control room and frontline staff with live information, so that they are able to deal with the impact of train disruption more effectively.  It will be used to improve the real-time flow of information to passengers and staff alike.

The tool will be developed with Chiltern Railways and Aston University, who will combine the latest approaches in systems thinking and gamification to develop the training tool.

The project aims to reduce operating costs for train operating companies through management of disruption, which will improve service and increase customer satisfaction.  It is likely that the deliverables and learnings from this project will bring benefits to the whole UK rail industry, as other train operating companies could use the same knowledge, learning system and game environment capability.

Arriva was allocated £3m of the £6m funding available as part of TOC'15, for their portfolio focusing of the twin themes of data exploitation and customer experience.  These were found to demonstrate a cohesive and strategic approach to innovation, and have the potential to deliver significant benefits to the industry.

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