Britain still safest of the top 10 biggest European railways
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The latest data shows Britain's railways are still ranked the safest of the 10 biggest railways in Europe, thanks to dedication and attention to detail among both workforce and leadership teams in the rail industry.

RSSB's Annual Safety Performance Report (ASPR) shows that for a record ninth year in a row there have been no passenger or workforce fatalities in train accidents on the British railway, and the train continues to be the safest form of land transport, seeing a 2% rise to 1.69 billion passenger journeys in 2015-6, and proving 22 times safer than the car and over 1,200 times safer than motorcycle.

The key to this success, RSSB believes, is a shared industry commitment to understand and control risk through the recording, monitoring and analysis of the best available data, the root cause investigation of incidents and the application of mature safety management systems to enable informed decisions by competent and dedicated members of staff.

RSSB's Director of System Safety, George Bearfield said: No one is complacent about safety and there are clear areas where risk still needs to be managed; such as on stations, assaults, as well as areas where we simply don't have good enough data yet, such as health and wellbeing.  However, the industry is on top of these issues with programmes of activity to try to bring the risk down, and in time to come, I'm confident we will see improvements Dr Bearfield said. 

Download the ASPR reports:

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