Improving health and wellbeing with better data
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RSSB’s health specialist Darryl Hopper has been talking about how the new Safety Management Intelligence System (SMIS) will help the rail industry to improve the long term health and wellbeing of the workforce.

Writing in a blog for the RSSB website, Darryl points out that while Britain’s railways have a very good track record in collecting and analysing data to tackle safety issues, it’s not the same picture when it comes to health.

However, health topics have moved much higher up the industry’s agenda and RSSB has worked with its members and occupational health specialists to support the industry with a programme, which includes a focus on data.

The new SMIS, which is scheduled to go live in December, is set to offer companies a more intuitive and modern way of reporting and monitoring.  Over time this will yield valuable intelligence on work-related sickness and psychological wellbeing, making it easier to benchmark both within the rail industry and with other sectors.

The move forms part of the rail industry’s strategy to adopt next generation safety technology to enable it to achieve the next step in improving health and safety performance, and builds on the success of previous systems which now need replacing.

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