"Lend a Helping Hand"
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RSSB and Network Rail have joined forces to urge passengers of the dangers lurking in the station this festive season and encourage you to lend a helping hand to your fellow passenger.

RSSB and Network Rail has launched its Christmas campaign today reminding people to take extra care in stations to reduce festive falls and “Lend a Helping Hand” to each other, as new figures reveal that the average number of “slips, trips and fall” incidents is 20% higher in the month of December than any other month.

The figures show that on average members of the public report 396 accidents within the 2,500 stations on the rail network each month. However, this average jumps to 480 for the month of December. December 2014 saw the highest number of recorded incidents in ten years, with over 550 slips, trips and falls within stations.

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