New app launched to reduce risk at the platform edge
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Fewer people would get hurt while getting on and off trains if station operators use a new app for recording platform risk assessments, says the industry’s independent safety body, RSSB.

Last year, nearly 1,500 incidents took place at the edge of railway station platforms. Most end up causing only minor injuries, but improving the way that data about these incidents is recorded could help to reduce the number of people being hurt while using the rail network.  

Assessments of risk should be carried out regularly on each of the British railway’s 5,000 platforms to identify areas which could pose a risk to passengers and the public.  Traditionally those risk assessments have been carried out as a paper–based exercise with no commonality and little sharing of information. 

RSSB’s Platform Train Interface (PTI) Risk Assessment Tool is a web-based and mobile application available to download now in Google Play and the App Store. The tool allows users to complete assessments on the platform in real time. Information can be collated anywhere on a platform and then synchronised with the tool using a Wi-Fi connection. 

The new tool has been developed to streamline the way risk to passengers as they board trains is assessed, said the Chairman of the PTI Strategy Implementation Group, Allan Spence.  Britain’s railway is one of the safest in Europe but as the network carries an ever increasing number of passengers we have to continually look for ways to keep those people safe.

Preventing injuries relies on the industry’s ability to better understand what causes them.  Companies managing mainline stations will now be able to share a common, transparent approach to sharing information and prioritising work to make stations and platforms even safer. Mr Spence continued. 

Anyone responsible for carrying out platform risk assessments and wishes to use the web tool needs to contact us via the customer self-service portal External link to obtain a login and password to the system. Once they have access the app can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the web tool.  

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