RISQS service provider agreement extended for further 12 months
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The rail industry has extended arrangements with its current service provider for the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) for a further 12 months leading up to a full procurement exercise.

Currently, Achilles Information Limited, provide audit services and enable access to the related IT platform for RISQS as part of a contract with the rail industry overseen by the RISQS Board and RSSB.  The contract has been extended until April 2018 to make sure there is enough time for a proper public procurement process to take place. 

RISQS board Chair John Green said: The extension of the current arrangements is important to make sure that the procurement of the new arrangements will deliver an effective and efficient scheme that works for buyers and suppliers alike. The need to deliver a scheme that takes advantage of the improved technology available in order ensure that is easy to use and helps buyers with their needs whilst not being seen as a burden to the supply chain is at the heart of the board’s strategy for improvement.

RISQS, supported by RSSB, currently provides a supplier registration and qualification service for over 4,100 suppliers and services 118 major buyers in rail, and is governed by an industry board which is ultimately responsible for overseeing the scheme, and appointing the service provider.

RISQS scheme manager Richard Sharp said: RISQS scheme users have already been benefiting from short term improvements and savings ahead of the changes in 2018 thanks to better audit procedures introduced by the board.  Buyers and suppliers can continue to use RISQS to secure competitive advantage and generate effective assurance in the rail supply chain, and so take advantage of Achilles’ service provision.

For more information go to www.risqs.org.

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