RSSB funds portable Rail Void Monitoring Device
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Yeltech, one of the winners of RSSB and Network Rail’s Remote Condition Monitoring competition, is producing a system for void detection from on-track installed sensors.

Track stability through points is crucial, as instability can lead to bumpy rides and even derailments.  One of the top causes of point failure is “voiding”, where a gap or void appears near the points.  Infrastructure managers, who look after the track, must monitor the health of railway voids to diagnose defects and anticipate failures.

Yeltech’s Rail Void Monitoring Device (RVMD) will provide infrastructure managers with the data they need to do this.  An email or SMS will give information on how quickly the void is deteriorating, so failures can be anticipated, and maintenance planning improved.  This will reduce the cost of repairs and improve safety and customer experience.

The RVMD is a self-contained, battery operated sensor.  It is simple to use: when there is a potential voiding issue, the RVMD can easily be fitted to the track.

Yeltech has completed the feasibility study for the RVMD, and is now progressing with the next stage of testing.  This will see the sensors mounted on track to obtain more ‘real data’.  The testing will take place on Network Rail infrastructure near Guildford, and the results will be evaluated to determine ‘raw’ data which is relevant and useful to the customer.

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