RSSB funds research into new method of tailoring journeys
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Manchester Metropolitan has produced a framework for building software applications to match passengers with the best method and route of transport.

Manchester Metropolitan University’s project 'Shortly arriving at…' Development of an innovative framework for customer-centric rail passenger information applications” promises to improve customer experience.

The project has developed a new approach to journey planning software.  It maps specific passenger requirements, including disabilities, luggage and children, to the available modes of transport, improving passenger choice.  The model also considers external factors such as weather and road conditions.

A trial was carried out at Manchester Piccadilly over the course of 2016, which created a better understanding of how to match customers’ needs with the information system.  Further research could lead to real-time personalised journey information.

This project was one of the winners of the 'Data to improve the customer experience' competition', launched in 2015.  It shared the £220,000 funding, provided by RSSB’s Rail Research UK Association (RRUKA) and the Rail Delivery Group, with three other successful projects.


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