RSSB research projects find no increased safety risk from DCO
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No increased risk from properly implemented Driver Controlled Operation has been detected in any research carried out by RSSB or its predecessor organisation 'Rail Safety'.

A number of projects have been published by RSSB over the last 15 years on various aspects of DCO (Driver Controlled Operation) on passenger trains. None of these pieces of work has identified any increased risk from dispatching a train without a guard being present - providing the correct procedures have been followed. The removal of any possible miscommunication, which could exist between driver and guard could, potentially, deliver some safety benefits.

RSSBs Interim Director of Standards Tom Lee said: As part of our work under the industry-wide Platform Train Interface strategy, RSSB provides training and guidance for staff and safety information for passengers to help reduce the risks of accidents occurring when people board or alight from trains.  We are currently running a number of projects which will provide further independent research, guidance and tools to help our members better manage those risks and to improve performance at the same time

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Relevant RSSB projects listed below:

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