RSSB supports industry proposal for automatic vehicle identification funding
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RSSB has assisted the Cross Industry Remote Condition Monitoring Strategy Group in its submission for cross-industry automatic vehicle identification (AVI) funding in Control Period 6 (2019-2024). The outputs from RSSB project T1110 Automatic Vehicle Identification system benefits were used to underpin the proposal.

AVI allows managers of both rolling stock and infrastructure to know which rail vehicles are at what point on the network, which way they are heading, and in what order. With this information, the industry can better manage its assets.

There will be benefits across the industry. For passenger and freight train operators, knowing where their trains are on the network will allow them to provide better information to their customers, thereby contributing towards better customer satisfaction. AVI will also allow infrastructure and plant owners to shift towards condition-based maintenance, so reducing maintenance costs as interventions are based on the actual condition of assets rather than prescribed review cycles.

AVI will bring industry a step closer to an infrastructure-based remote condition monitoring system, which is a key goal of the Railway Technical Strategy. Its importance has long been recognised by industry organisations, with various individual systems being created. However, these are isolated, and sharing data is an intensive process. A national system, which this proposal advocates, would enable industry-wide benefits to be realised.


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