Station safety improved by putting risk into words
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Risks at stations could be reduced by rail staff talking themselves through safety critical processes, according to rail industry body RSSB.

A novel but tried-and-tested technique known as 'Risk Triggered Commentary' (RTC) helps focus memory so that critical information relating to risk for a given situation is maintained at the forefront of our mind.

Used for many years in train driving now new guidance published today by RSSB can help to enhance how rail staff recognise and respond to risk when dispatching trains.

The Applying Risk Triggered Commentary to Train Dispatch booklet for staff includes guidance on the benefits of the technique and how it can be applied during dispatch, including flagging potential risks and dealing with them effectively. A booklet for Managers has also been published. 

Paul Leach, Lead Human Factors Specialist, RSSB, said: Risk triggered commentary has been implemented for drivers and is used widely to help them recognise and respond to risk. The technique offers many potential benefits for dispatch staff, who are faced with a number of risks and challenges when dispatching trains.

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