The National Incident Reporting on-line system is being refreshed
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Logging safety issues about rolling stock is now easier with the new version of the National Incident Reporting (NIR) online system, which went live on 26 January 2016.

The NIR system is used by rail companies to record, analyse and share details of severe safety defects on rail vehicles or their systems and components.  NIRs are specifically used for severe issues which may require urgent attention for safety reasons.

Once logged, NIRs are shared with a wide audience within the rail industry so other companies can take relevant action where necessary.  For example, a company might log a defect with a train type that’s used by other companies, who will then also want to take action.

The improvements in version 3 will make it more user-friendly and intuitive.  There won’t be any changes to the underlying processes for managing NIRs and users won’t need any additional training to use the new site.


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