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Health & Wellbeing

Working together for better health and wellbeing

The rail industry believes it can achieve greater business and industry benefits by working together on health and wellbeing. Find out more about how the industry is coming together through the industry roadmap, topic specific groups, health and wellbeing data and many other areas of development.

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Passenger and Public Wellbeing

Keeping passengers and members of the public safe is at the heart of what we do. We look across the network - at engineering, operations and management systems - to identify tactical and strategic opportunities to reduce risks.

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Occupational Health

Health practitioners’ experience and advice can play a large part in improving health and wellbeing attainment within rail. A strategic voice of health professionals, sound standards of health provision and access, at a good price, to expertise are all needed to drive health benefits for rail workers.

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Health Hazards

The rail industry manages its health and safety risks and responsibilities with great care. We recognise that there is more we can do in areas such as Vibration, Noise, Dusts and Emissions. The industry is working hard to develop better management techniques in these areas.

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Mental Wellbeing

Throughout our lifetime, our mental wellbeing will have natural peaks and troughs. Within the rail industry, we aim to increase awareness of mental wellbeing across all levels of organisation and ensure people know what support is available. By opening up conversations about mental wellbeing, the industry can reduce stigma, as...

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Employee wellbeing

Some of the greatest gains for the rail industry will be in creating better opportunities for high wellbeing levels within railway workers. Mental and physical health factors are being worked upon to support workers to have sustained high levels of wellbeing that are associated with strong productivity levels.

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