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Industry involvement and support is vital to all our Research and Innovation work, and our work could benefit your organisation.  We could work together for our mutual benefit.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. Opportunities range from:

  • Providing data and information specific to a research area or challenge
  • Being part of a steering group to ensure we create the solutions industry really needs
  • Offering resources or testing opportunities to help us create outputs which will work in the real world. 

When each output is ready for release, there are opportunities to work with us and prepare a wider path for industry adoption.


The CLEan Air Research programme (CLEAR)

Overall emissions from rail are low compared to other forms of transport, but can be significant at a local level.

Air quality is a high-profile public health issue, with transport a major contributor to emissions. As road pollution reduces, driven by regulation, policy and technological advances, rail must be proactive to ensure the industry is playing its part in making the air cleaner.

CLEAR has been set up by RSSB, in liaison with the Air Quality Steering Group, to develop a Rail Air Quality Strategy and support government initiatives such as the Clean Air Strategy 2019. Outcomes from the projects being initiated will include:

  • up-to-date, high-resolution mapping of rail emissions (PM10 PM2.5 and NO2)
  • emissions factors based on engine notch, to provide better data for comparisons between rail and other forms of transport
  • accurate data on air quality levels within and outside train depots; and guidance on measures to improve air quality.

The CLEAR programme is providing valuable input for the Rail Air Quality Strategy, to gain a better understanding of rail’s contribution to pollution levels and suitable mitigations for the GB rail industry

Jim Harbridge
Group Head of Environment, FirstGroup Plc and Chairman, Air Quality Steering Group


Get involved

To get involved with CLEAR and the Air Quality Steering Group, contact James Wright, Air Quality Specialist.


DECARBonising the Railway

RSSB’s new programme of research, in response to the Rail Industry Decarbonisation Taskforce’s recommendations.

The Rail Industry Decarbonsation Taskforce final report, published on 22 July 2019, sets out how the industry will contribute to the UK’s target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. RSSB is named as lead body for several of the recommendations in the report.

Most of rail’s progress in reducing carbon will come from lowcarbon traction options, including hydrogen and battery. Projects in the DECARB programme will define an industry-wide carbon measurement methodology, interim and long-term targets, and the route to service for hydrogenand battery-powered trains, including the cost of fuelling and battery-charging infrastructure.

Get involved

Stakeholders from across the industry are invited to participate by providing support in an advisory or technical capacity. If you would like to get involved, particularly in hydrogen fuelling and battery charging infrastructure and standardisation, contact Andrew Kluth, Lead Carbon Specialist.

There can be few more important tasks than ensuring that the greenest form of mass transit becomes greener still. That’s our ambition in rail as we deliver innovations that support the UK’s net zero carbon target.’

Andrew Haines
Chief Executive, Network Rail


Share Your Organisations Approach to Reducing Trespass

Trespass on the rail network is at an all-time high, according to figures published by Network Rail. In 2018/19, 13,500 known trespass events caused more than 20 fatalities and affected hundreds of thousands of passengers, delaying 160,000 trains.

Three new research projects, developed in collaboration with the Trespass Risk Group, the National Trespass Improvement Programme and organisations including DB Cargo and Network Rail, aim to:

  • develop a common good practice approach to assessing trespassrisk (T1183)
  • understand the motivations for trespass and, from this, recommend effective prevention and mitigation measures (T1168)
  • identify the most valuable trespass data to collect (T1182)

Get involved

To share your organisation’s approach to trespass risk assessment, or your experiences of prevention and mitigation measures, please get in touch with Ann Mills, Head of Health and Safety Management.


Have Your Say on the Technical Future of the Railway

The Rail Technical Strategy (RTS) is currently being refreshed, and we want to hear your views.

The refresh takes stock of what’s been achieved since the publication of the first industry driven RTS in 2012. We want to identify what technical developments are needed to tackle key challenges facing the industry, in both the short and longer term. We want to make the refreshed strategy more focused and compelling.

Get involved

Provide your input and share your views with the refresh team at the UKRRIN Annual Conference or the Technology Leadership Group Plenary. Alternatively, email the RSSB Rail Technical Strategy team.



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