Safety Management Systems - Analysis and Monitoring

RSSB has developed a number of systems for the whole industry to report safety incidents. These systems help companies meet requirements to monitor their own safety management, but also provide a consistent and effective way for data and intelligence to be marshalled across the industry. They deliver the opportunity to consider where effort and resources are going to be most effective to improve safety and business performance.

Incident Reporting

RSSB provides either a lead or supporting role for several industry safety reporting systems.


The Safety Management Intelligence System, known as 'SMIS', is the rail industry's online safety and business intelligence software, incorporating the national database for recording safety-related events that occur on the rail network in Britain.

Data and Risk Strategy

In 2017 we launched our Data and Risk Strategy for developing the knowledge, skills, processes, information and tools to fulfil a future vision of safety management.

Accident and Incident Investigation

To learn from accidents and incidents, we have to investigate. The Rail Industry Standard for Accident and Incident Investigation comprises eleven high-level requirements, supported by rationale and guidance, which are intended to provide useful guidance to the investigator at any given stage of the investigation.

RSSB has worked with the industry to develop a strategy to increase our capacity for learning from operational experience, including incidents and accidents. A human factors awareness course has been developed for incident investigators and those with an incident investigation role. This aims to develop an overall awareness of what human factors is and its application within the context of accident or incident investigation.

Annual Health and Safety Report

Rail remains one of the safest forms of transport. RSSB produces regular safety performance reports summarising some of the key data and trends on a periodic and annual basis.

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