Taking Safe Decisions - Worked Examples

These worked examples illustrate the practical application of the principles set out in Taking Safe Decisions. They are based on real decisions that have been taken in the industry, but they have been combined, simplified and idealised to highlight key learning points.

All of the worked examples are structured according to the Taking Safe Decisions risk management framework, shown below.


Worked examples

  • The removal of fire extinguishers describes the removal of a risk control that is no longer providing an overall safety benefit. It illustrates a relatively simple decision made largely on the basis of qualitative analysis and expert judgement
  • The provision of signal post telephones when adopting GSM-R illustrates the complexities of decisions involving multiple organisations. It discusses the psychology of decision making, in particular the importance of framing the decision in the right way.
  • Formation of an infrastructure manager / railway undertaking alliance shows how structured workshops can be used to evaluate risk and identify safety measures when making an organisational change.        
  • Final drive failures illustrates how risk assessment and safety monitoring can combine to support the iterative design and implementation of safety measures. It also provides an example of a company deciding to go beyond its legal safety requirements to reduce its reputational risk.

RSSB is committed to the delivery of further worked examples and supporting material over time.


We would be grateful for your feedback. If you would like to provide comments or have suggestions for further worked examples please email

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