Trespass Awareness Week 23rd – 27th March 2020

The railway has always attracted trespassers, arguably from the very first, when William Huskisson MP was struck and killed by a train at the opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in 1830. Nowadays, our industry recognises much more readily the duty of care it has to passengers affected by trespass events, but also the duty of care it has to those harmed while trespassing.

However, the railway tracks are no place for the public to be—they are incredibly dangerous. 

That’s why we’re asking the rail industry, and other organisations like schools and colleges, to sign up to the You vs. Train campaign and help keep young people safe around the railway.

With over 13,000 incidents every year, since its formation in 2018, the Trespass Improvement Programme has run You vs.Train to reduce trespass on the rail network. 

The 2020 campaign will begin with “Trespass Awareness Week”, which runs from Monday 23 to Friday 27 March.  We know the number of trespass incidents rises in spring, so the campaign has been timed to begin just before the clocks go forward. 

Our educational partner, Learn Live, will also be broadcasting safety messages all week and will be asking individuals to encourage schools to sign up and join the broadcasts.

As with previous campaigns, the whole rail industry, including the supply chain, will be involved. Together, we want to spread the message about how dangerous it is to be on the tracks, and to ensure everyone stays safe. We want to reach young people and their circles of friends, family, carers and other key influencers. 

Please support the campaign fully by spreading the message across your organisation and commit to posting your pledge on social media using #YouvsTrain.

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