Applying Human Factors in the Design and Use of Technology

Taking a human factors (HF) approach when designing and implementing technology will enable you to meet the desired requirements. By considering the end user, how they interact with technology and how technology can influence human behaviour, as well as identifying how the technology can be best utilised to monitor safety, we can support a better, safer railway.

CCTV plays a key role in the railways, including security monitoring, train dispatch, level crossing operations and so on. In 2007 RSSB produced a toolkit that provides guidance around the human factors of CCTV design and operations. More specifically, the toolkit delivers guidance on how to design and apply effective CCTV technology and operations to particular work environments. Whilst CCTV systems have developed since 2007, much of this guidance remains of relevant for those who design and operate them. For a copy of this toolkit, please contact us via the customer service portal.

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