Buffer Stop Risk Assessment Tool

The Buffer Stop Risk Assessment Tool is designed to meet the requirements of section 11, Requirements for Buffer Stops and End Impact Walls, of RIS-7016-INS, 'Interface between Station Platforms, Track, Trains and Buffer Stops'.

It considers both the likelihood of buffer stop overrun and the potential consequences. It includes the range of possible overruns contributing to the risk, from the low speed events (which may result in injuries) to higher speeds events (which are less likely but could have more significant consequences).

The Buffer Stop Risk Assessment Tool is described in, and should be used in conjunction with, GIRC5633 Recommendations for the Risk Assessment of Buffer Stops and End Impact Walls.

What is covered by the Buffer Stop Risk Assessment Tool?

The tool assesses the risk from collision with the buffers at station terminal platforms. It gives a quantified estimate of risk (fatalities and weighted injuries per year) considers:

  • Risk to passengers and staff on the train and passengers and public on the station concourse
  • The number of train approaching the buffers and their characteristics
  • The buffer stop type and compatibility with the train
  • Items in the overrun risk zone and the effect of end impact walls. 
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