Platform Train Interface Risk Assessment Tool

The Platform Train Interface (PTI) Risk Assessment Tool provides the industry with a common approach to assess PTI risk at station platforms.  It is a web-based tool that provides full visibility of completed assessments. It is also supported by mobile applications which allows assessments to be conducted on-site and later synchronised over Wi-Fi.

Accidents on station platforms have accounted for 39 fatalities in the last ten years and accounts for the highest proportion of passenger injuries. However, most of these incidents occur when there is no train at the platform. 

Our PTI Risk Assessment Tool considers a broad range of factors that affect passenger safety around the PTI with trains both present and absent.

The tool can be used to assess the effectiveness of safety arrangements, prioritise areas for improvement and develop action plans. It comprises a web based central database supported by mobile apps that can be used on station platforms. 

It has been developed for use by Station Managers of GB mainline rail stations and is available to RSSB members only. 

Key functions of the tool include:

  • Assessment of infinite platform and train combinations
  • Provision of station usage data and station PTI incidents
  • Choice of detailed or basic assessment
  • On-screen help links throughout the tool
  • Companies can add and delete their own users
  • Users can contribute to other company assessments
  • Recording of recommendations
  • Photographs attached to the relevant part of the assessment
  • Assessment report provided in PDF or WORD
  • Table showing where improvements in PTI risk control can be made
  • Visibility of other company completed assessments
  • Template for train dispatch plan 
  • Companies can add their own assessment questions
  • Overview of all company station scores
  • Company recommendations report
  • Technical support desk provided by the tool developer

We have produced 9 short videos as a quick-start guide to show you how to use the tool.

1. Introduction


2. The structure of assessments


3. Starting a new assessment


4. Completing the station profile


5. Completing the assessment


6. Using the mobile application


7. Reviewing the results


8. Administrative features


9. Tips for using the tool


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