Rule Book App - Onboarding Material

If your company has already signed up to the Rule Book app or if you are considering bringing the Rule Book app into your organisation, have a look at all the resources we have available to help throughout this transition.

We’ve provided all the resources you’ll need for implementing the Rule Book app into your company. These materials refer to all of those who will be involved in the changeover from administration, users and decision makers. We want to equip you with all the tools you need to successfully launch the app in your company and enjoy the many benefits the Rule Book app has to offer.

Below are some useful resources to get you started on the app:


Rule Book app: a guide for first time users
Rule Book app Local Administrators guide
Rule Book app reporting guide
Rule Book app risk assessment guidance
Rule Book App poster designs and artwork files
Rule Book app Terms and Conditions
Rule Book app email templates
Rule Book app - some helpful guidance around onboarding
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