The SRBWG seeks to: 

  • Promote sustainability through driving the development of, and then working to embed the Sustainable Rail Blueprint (SRB) in industry policy, strategy, operations, and investments.
  • Advocate, communicate and influence for and on behalf of the SRB, and review and update the SRB periodically.
  • Provide feedback and guidance to rail organisations encouraging them to align their sustainability plans and embed the SRB. 
  • Be outward looking and take non-rail perspectives to consider the big picture and build knowledge and competence.
  • Provide a holistic view of sustainability to complement and address overlaps and interdependencies between issues being discussed by topic-specific technical working groups, such as the Air Quality, DECARB and Social Sustainability Working Groups.
  • Determine the correct approach to handling sensitive or contentious sustainability issues affecting rail.
  • The Sustainable Rail Blueprint Working Group will not:
  • Re-visit or re-do work that others have already addressed.
  • Replicate what is being done well elsewhere.
  • Be a 'gatekeeper' for work to start or continue.


The SRBWG has members representing these industry stakeholders:

  • Passenger railway undertakings
  • Freight railway undertakings 
  • Rolling stock owners
  • Suppliers 
  • Manufacturers of rolling stock
  • Infrastructure managers (including Network Rail regional representative)
  • Government (Department for Transport, Transport Scotland, Transport for Wales)
  • Regulator (Office of Rail and Road)
  • Charitable Organisations (Community Rail Network)

Chair of the Committee: Thom Rawson

RSSB Representative: Samuel Jones