Remote Condition Monitoring - Using the Internet of Things for a Better Passenger Experience

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In this episode Simon Rogers, co-founder and Chief Executive of Oodl, and Dave Hatfield, Fleet Director for Grand Central Railway, talk about a trial project to monitor the environmental conditions inside railway carriages. The aim is to improve customer experience with on-train response to extreme conditions and, eventually, predictive techniques to forecast pre-emptive maintenance needs. The project uses the Internet of Things to transmit real-time data and present it to maintenance teams in easily readable formats.

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Topics in this episode include:

  • Simon introduces himself and describes the work that Oodl does with technology. [1:31]
  • Dave introduces himself and describes his railway career.  [2:14]
  • Simon gives an overview of the Internet of Things and what his project is doing to improve the onboard experience for passengers on Grand Central Railway.  [2:49]
  • Dave talks about how he sees the Internet of Things being able to improve train services.  [4:06]
  • Simon describes how technology is being used in this project to measure and transmit in-carriage data 24 hours a day. This delivers an almost real time visual rendering of information to service and maintenance teams. He talks of the hope to combine this with historical data to forecast issues 24 to 48 hours ahead of them happening.  [5:27]
  • Dave describes the benefits that Grand Central will gain from the project. This includes pre-emptive maintenance that should reduce the number of trains being taken unexpectedly out of service.  [7:29]
  • Simon describes the wide range of characteristics that could be measured and used predictively to deliver operational improvements and cost savings.  [8:11]
  • Close.  [9:13]

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