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2018/19 Work Programme Consultation and Update on New Settlement with Members

Our consultation on the 2018/19 Business Plan is now complete. Our Engagement and Communication Director, John Abbott, thanks you for all your response and explains what happens next.

We will now analyse your feedback and the output of the focus groups in accordance with the following prioritisation criteria.

Like many others across the industry, RSSB face the challenge of delivering our business as usual activities as well as delivering and developing new and improved products and services with finite resources.

This means that RSSB must be smart in the way we prioritise our work, ensuring that we only deliver on the work that is most beneficial and impactful for both our members and the wider industry.

The criteria which determines the products and services we eventually take forward is summarised below:

Prioritisation criteria

A final decision of the business plan will be made by the RSSB Board utilising the intelligence gathered through this consultation.

Timetable for finalising the business plan and preparing for CP6

It is important for RSSB to show how we use the information you provide us to help inform our future planning process.

Specifically, your views through this consultation will help us build an effective, prioritised Business Plan for 2018/19 and will also provide the essential building blocks for the CP6 funding proposal.

When we consult with you about the 2019/20 business plan next Autumn, we will share our progress on the following timeline.

Business plan timeline

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