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2018/19 Work Programme Consultation and Update on New Settlement with Members

Welcome to the RSSB member consultation for 2018/19.

Listen to John Abbott, Director of Engagement and Communications, introduce the consultation and explain why it is important for you to give us your views.



The purpose of the consultation is to invite you, our members and stakeholders, to review our proposed work programme for 2018/19. We want to know if it meets your needs and priorities, in accordance with the New Settlement principles that we consulted with you earlier this year.

We have listened to your feedback about the last consultation and have changed the format to make it easier to follow and respond to. We have been clearer about what we intend to do and how it will benefit you. We will also be holding a number of focus groups in October where you will have an opportunity for a more in-depth review of our proposed activities.

All our proposed work is designed to underpin our strategic objectives:

  1. Place members’ and the industry’s needs at the heart of the business by implementing a ‘new settlement’ and ensuring members’ funds are allocated to deliver their priority areas.
  2. Support heath, wellbeing, and safety collaboration; and inform industry decisions to reduce risk and harm.
  3. Facilitate collaboration to enhance performance, value for money, and efficiency by updating standards, modernising systems, informing and enabling research and innovation.
  4. Support the application of sustainability principles through collaboration and sharing tools and best practice.
  5. Be accountable for efficient and effective delivery of RSSB’s work, regularly reporting on business performance.

Some of our activities are business as usual outputs and we have not included them for comment. We have summarised these at the start of each work programme.

RSSB-managed research, development and innovation programmes are funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) and deployed to enhance performance in terms of the 4Cs - cost, carbon, capacity and customer satisfaction, as well as health, wellbeing, and safety. In practice, this means we use member-supported R&D projects as inputs to all of our work priorities. As this programme of work has been set we are not seeking your priorities in the same way, instead we have asked you some questions about our work in this area. The DfT also provides separate grant funding for innovation which, in future, will be run by Innovate UK. The 2018/19 work programme has already been defined and will be delivered by RSSB. We also want your views on our proposal to support future innovation projects.

At the end of the consultation we will analyse what you have told us and use the findings to develop the

2018/19 business plan, as set out in the What’s next section at the end. The RSSB board will then make the final decision on the business plan before publication at the end of March 2018. 

2018/19 Work programme priority consultation

If you have any questions, please contact The closing date for your response is 1800hrs on 20 October 2017

The consultation is set out on our dedicated consultation website External link.

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