The new normal for how the railway is delivered and maintained is still not yet fully defined. RSSB will continue to play its part as an independent overseer of the industry’s health and safety strategy. Alongside this our programmes also provide input to efficiency, effectiveness, and performance. All of which affect the customer experience, that will encourage people back onto the railway, as a socially responsible way to travel.

Johnny Schute, Chief Operating Officer at RSSB said:

‘The task of getting passengers back onto the railway remains an important target, as does enabling freight to grow. As the same time, we have to respond to financial constraints. The costs imposed by the pandemic have been added to by the need to support Ukraine’s war effort, and local subsidies to offset increased energy costs. All of which, combined with the highest level of inflation in a generation, means that we need to develop a sound business case for every bit of government investment. And that our work to reduce costs across the industry must continue.

While we continue to deliver on our historic functions, we also need to add to our portfolio. Our contributions to the development and implementation of the Sector Target Operating Model, the Long-Term Plan for Rail, and the Sustainable Rail Blueprint will continue. To do more, effectively with less, we will continue to develop our commercial offering and use that revenue to deliver for the industry, while reducing our dependence on the member levy.’

You can read more specific detail of our plans for the coming year, in each of our strategic business areas, in the Business Plan 2023-24 below.