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Industry Standards Coordination Committee


The Industry Standards Coordination Committee (ISCC) is the senior stakeholder group dealing with issues relating to rail industry standards. Specifically, it:

- Oversees the work of the Standards Committees

- Provides direction, advice and guidance on:

  • The management and effectiveness of standards for the mainline railway
  • European standards issues relevant to the mainline railway
  • Strategic and legal issues relating to standards

- Provides advice to the Department for Transport and the Office of Rail Regulation on the role of the requirements in Railway Group Standards (RGS) as national technical rules or national safety rules, and the implications of these roles for the management of the mainline railway

ISCC's activities are governed by the Railway Group Standards Code and the Standards Manual. Its full scope is set out in its remit.

ISCC's report to the RSSB Board.

Committee Information

  • Chairman:

    Cliff Cork
  • RSSB representative:

    Tom Lee
  • Meeting manager:

    Louise Delaney on 020 3142 5596


The members of ISCC represent the industry categories defined in RSSB's Constitution Agreement:

  • Passenger train operators
  • ROSCOs
  • Non-passenger operators
  • Infrastructure managers
  • Infrastructure contractors
  • Suppliers
  • RSSB
  • Department for Transport (observer)
  • Office of Rail and Road (observer).

ISCC has an independent chairman, appointed by the RSSB Board.

members list
Name Company Representing Member type
Cliff Cork N/A Committee Chairman
Amanda Hall Network Rail Network Rail / Infrastructure Managers Member
David Clarke Railway industry Association Suppliers Member
Laurence Gregory Angel Trains Ltd Rolling Stock Owners Member
Mark Molyneux Rail Delivery Group Passenger Train Operators Member
Neil Barnatt Network Rail Network Rail / Infrastructure Managers Member
Neil Whisler Amey Rail Ltd Infrastructure Contractor Member
Simon Cressey DB Cargo (UK) Non-Passenger Train Operators Member
Tom Lee RSSB RSSB Member
Malcolm Beard SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit Limited Notified Body Co-opted
Reuben McDonald High Speed 2 Infrastructure manager Co-opted
Ian Jones Department for Transport Government Observer
James LeGrice Department for Transport Government Observer
Paul Hooper Office of Rail and Road Regulator Observer
Neil Ovenden Rail Delivery Group Passenger Train Operators Alternate
Richard Jones Railway industry Association Suppliers Alternate
Thomas Williamson High Speed 2 Infrastructure manager Alternate
Tim Shakerley Freightliner Non-Passenger Train Operators Alternate
Vaibhav Puri RSSB RSSB Alternate
Louise Delaney RSSB RSSB Meeting Manager

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