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Leading health and safety on Britain's railway



Britain's railway system is one of the safest and most intensively used rail networks in the world. Our good safety performance has been achieved by highly competent people, by close co-operation between teams and companies, the adoption of advanced health and safety management systems, and the effective application of technology.

This performance is commendable. We have accomplished at the same time as record numbers of passengers and freight customers are using the rail system, and an increasing number of major investment programmes are being implemented.

However the rate of safety improvement has slowed over the past few years. We know there are increasing challenges ahead. Growth in passenger numbers and freight volumes are expected to continue, and there are increasing expectations to demonstrate value for money. At the same time, our awareness of the importance of managing the health and wellbeing of all rail colleagues is growing.

The rail health and safety strategy – Leading Health and Safety on Britain's railway - has been developed by leaders of the rail industry to provide a framework for the collaborative improvement of health and safety performance on the railway.

The strategy focuses on those elements of health and safety risk management that can be improved by companies working together, within and beyond legislative requirements, to achieve greater gains in health and safety performance.

Duty holder endorsement and adoption is essential if the strategy is going to be successfully realised, below are the companies who confirmed their endorsement.

 Industry endorsements

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