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Monitoring the health and safety strategy

The rail health and safety strategy, owned by Rail Delivery Group External link:Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railways – A strategy for working together addresses industry’s challenge to make the next big step change in managing health and safety on Britain’s rail network.

This will need input from cross-industry groups and committees, as both focus groups for our research, products and services but also the means for industry to act on intelligence, and coordinate industry-wide activities to manage the 12 key risks identified in the strategy. This will involve a new Collaboration Framework.

Progress report

RSSB publishes a quarterly progress report, with advice and guidance from industry, to give an overview of industry progress in implementing the Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway strategy. The report aims to:

  • Share information
  • Provoke discussion
  • Elicit feedback
  • Help monitor cross-industry activity
  • Improve the industry’s safety, health and wellbeing performance

This monitoring approach is as has been set out at the System Safety Risk Group (SSRG), the Health and Wellbeing Policy Group (HWPG) and the Industry Health and Safety Meeting (IHSM).

RSSB welcomes comments on the report – in particular, where stakeholders are aware of significant industry activity which is relevant to LHSBR, but which does not appear in the report. Such feedback will enable us to improve the coverage and usefulness of future editions. Please see the Risk Groups and Contacts section at the end of the most recent report for contact details.


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