Groups and Committees

RSSB provides cross-industry governance for industry decisions and activities in many areas of business improvement. Virtually all of RSSB’s products and services are overseen, governed, commissioned or approved by a cross-industry group. These involve representatives of RSSB members and other stakeholders.

Most groups derive their authority from and report to, or through to, the RSSB Board. The Board is the highest level of cross-industry group, but RSSB also works with and supports other industry groups in different ways.

Groups that report directly to the RSSB Board:

  • Industry Standards Coordination Committee
  • System Safety Risk Group
  • Technical Leadership Group
  • Sustainable Development Steering Group
  • CIRAS Committee
  • Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Group Board
  • Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme Board

Information on these groups and the groups that report to them will be available here in the coming weeks.

If you need any information on a group or committee that RSSB manages, please send us an email.


2019 - 2020 Standards Committees Meeting Dates
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