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Platform Train Interface


Incidents at the platform train interface (PTI) account for almost half of the total passenger fatality risk on the mainline railway network, and about one-fifth of the overall passenger fatality and weighted injury (FWI) risk. To manage this risk we must acknowledge the PTI as part of the system that makes up the railway and not an isolated issue, and therefore has and will continue to become an important consideration for design, operations, workforce development and passenger behaviour.

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Accessibility improvments of the PTI on the GB network means providing an inclusive environment that is accessible for all types of passenger; supporting and empowering persons with reduced mobility and encumbered passengers to make safe journeys; and facilitating the provision of a safe and efficient service to meet customer needs,...

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Data and Intelligence Gathering

Preventing PTI events relies on the industry’s ability to understand what causes them. This work stream is focuses on better understanding of what data is currently held, improvements to the way data on PTI events is collected, and better utilisation of the data.

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Optimising Platform and Train Design

Improving understanding of the step and gap between trains and platforms will optimise dwell times and capacity. Additionally, risk of slips, trips, and falls between the train and the platform while boarding and alighting, at all stations can be improved

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Passenger Movement Through Stations

This work aims to reduce incidents at the PTI through the safe, efficient, and effective movement of passengers throughout stations and across the PTI. This work stream also aims to minimise the desire for passengers to rush, support them in decision making, and facilitate the provision of a service to...

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