Rail Carbon Tool

The Rail Carbon Tool is here to assist the UK rail industry with understanding what its carbon footprint is so it can go on and reduce it throughout its supply chain.

The Rail Carbon Tool is a web-based carbon reduction tool that is provided by RSSB for UK rail industry organisations and companies to enable them to:

  • Calculate and analyse the carbon footprints of UK rail projects and activities;
  • Identify and assess alternative low carbon options; and
  • Select low carbon solutions.

The RSSB has provided the tool to assist with reducing the industry’s carbon footprint, and is part of the response to the carbon and energy requirements in the High Level Output Specification (HLOS) 2012: Railways Act 2005 statement.

The tool is available to the UK rail industry organisations, and its combined functionalities and capabilities (as outlined above) are specifically designed to enable lower carbon solutions to be identified with maximum effectiveness and with the least administration requirements.

In addition to the tool’s centralised, web-based format, it also has extensive security controls, which combined give the tool full multi-user capability. This means that multiple users can simultaneous and securely:

  • Carry out carbon footprint calculations;
  • Analyse their resulting carbon models; and
  • Identify, assess, and select low carbon options and solutions; which is herein collectively referred to as ‘options evaluation and selection’.

The calculation and analysis functions are the core capabilities of the tool, and follow standard techniques for such activities. The security controls and the options evaluation and selection capability are also very important because, respectively, they enable the tool to function as required, and provide the ultimate means to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. Given the tool specific nature of security controls and the options evaluation and selection they are outlined in the user guide linked below.

Please note that the videos listed below are also available on Safety Central.

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