RSSB’s knowledge searches are delivered by a small team with expertise in gathering, structuring and analysing both qualitative and quantitative information. 

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How to make a request

To use RSSB knowledge services, please complete the knowledge search request form with a brief description of your requirements, as a starting point for a more detailed discussion. 
The decision on whether to take requests forward is based on their relevance, urgency and importance. We will be in touch to better understand your requirements and discuss whether and how we could help. If progressed, a knowledge search can take anything from a few weeks to a few months to complete depending on:

  • the breadth of the subject area
  • the level of analysis required
  • your availability to steer and review the work.

Knowledge search process


Knowledge search processIf you have any questions about knowledge services that are not covered here, please email

Feedback on knowledge searches

‘RSSB has delivered useful analyses and reports for the cross-industry Adhesion Research Group on topics such as low adhesion, speed measurement technologies and the biochemistry of leaves. These studies offer a rapid and efficient means of gaining a good overview of research work that might have been carried or is ongoing in the UK or overseas.' 
Neil Ovenden, Chair of the cross-industry Adhesion Research Group

'I am impressed, the ‘Air and health impacts of diesel emissions’ knowledge search is a good piece of work which brings together all of the various reports and studies that have produced over the last decade or so, together 'under one roof' for the first time. It was an excellent paper, which will be extremely useful and is likely to go into the public domain and may inform DfT’s response to public queries.' 
Network Rail